Cor-ten® sculptures
Cor-ten® sculptures
What is unique about Cor-ten®?
The world’s first
Weather-resistant steel was developed and patented in 1933
Proved corrosion resistance
COR-TEN® steel is produced under the license of United States Steel Corporation.
SSAB acquired the license in 1976
Natural patina
The colour becomes deeper and more uniform with each passing year
In 2020, JOYKO entered into an exclusive cooperation agreement with ODIN-Stroy, the
only official dealer of COR-TEN® steel in the Russian Federation.
Fundamental and creative
We travelled with our boar from the historic centrer of St. Petersburg to the draughty
Gulf of Finland through the creative Design District to tell you:

- how and for whom we create our sculptures;
- what is unique about Cor-ten;
- why our sculptures keep clean and how long it takes to change their colour to noble brown;
- polygon philosophy and colour psychology.
P.S. Have you noticed that it perfectly fits into any space?
The Boar:
The sculpture dimensions: 2000х1284х3649mm
Weight: 180 kg
Fabrication time: 3 weeks
The Fox:
The sculpture dimensions: 940x600x4200 mm
Weight: 20 kg
Fabrication time: 3 weeks
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